What have we learned with this project? What can we learn with eTwinning?

. How to work together (team work + collaborative work).

. How to cooperate in order to achieve common goals.

. How to use the English language in a natural learning environment.

. How to use technology in a safe learning environment.

. How to use innovation and creativity based upon technological devices/ resources.


. How to have fun while learning about other Cultures& Traditions.



Discovering our countries

Do you know what is Norway’s National bird? What is the longest river in Lithuania? How many regions are there in Italy? What is the most famous product exported by Greece? Where is the famous Portuguese Port Wine (Vinho do Porto) produced? What is Spain’s highest mountain? What is the most famous flower in Tunisia?

Have a look at our Padlet and discover some interesting aspects about our countries.

*If you want to discover some interesting aspects about our school life and our hometowns you can visit/ explore our page on the topic. 😉

Where do we come from?

      Greece      Italy      Italy    Lithuania      Norway      Portugal      Spain      Tunisia



Anna Escobar (Spain)

 Angelica Kourelou (Greece)

 Carla Alves (Portugal)

 Elena Kulbokiene (Lithuania)

 Eleftheria Nasika (Greece)

 Filomena Testa (Italy)

 Helene Møller (Norway)

 Maria Teresa Rughi (Italy)

 Nourchéne Béji (Tunisia)

 Samira Barouni (Tunisia)

 Sandra Juran (Croatia)

Who are we?

We are a group of teachers and students from different European countries working together in this eTwinning project, whose aim is to:

. share experiences about our culture/ traditions & language;

. use foreign languages in a natural learning environment;

. learn foreign languages in a creative way;

. promote intercultural communication.

Welcome to our web-magazine! Enjoy the ride!